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Holder Foundation was established in 2023 by co-founders Beth Holder and Jasmine Burke. The mission of the nonprofit is to bring mental health education and resources to the underserved populations. 

Beth Holder, LMFT, began practicing counseling in 20xx as an individual counselor. When COVID struck, she expanded to a group practice to meet the growing needs for therapy. In 2023 she felt the call the develop a non-profit to continue reaching for those who needed help but didn't know where to start. 

Jasmine Burke is a Paramedic and currently going through a graduate program to become a LPCC. She felt a call to serve from a young age and aided in the development of another nonprofit that serves military and first responders. She married a Marine and her desire to continue developing programs to aid in the mental health of Military and First Responders grew.

Beth and Jasmine found their hearts and desire to serve aligned and Holder Foundation was born. 

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